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Monday, September 24, 2007

dream job

cover of the Holy Bible designed by crush

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Gallery by the Harbour

Saturday, September 15, 2007

black sheep by carrie chau


Sunday, September 02, 2007

verysummer readings

Travels, Michael Crichton
"There's a natural human resistance to change. We all fall into patterns and habits that eventually constrict our lives, which we have difficultly breaking anyway. Rilke described the problem in this simple way -
Whoever you are: some evening take a step
out of your house, which you know so well.
Enormous space is near..."

The Freedom Writers Diary, the Freedom Writers with Erin Grunwell
"They say I am brown
I say
I am proud

They say I'm not the future of this nation
I say
Stop giving me discrimination
I'm gonna use my eduction
to help build the human nation"

"We have many reasons to hope for great happiness, but we have to earn it. And that is something you can't achieve by taking the easy ways out. Earning happiness means doing good and working, not speculating and being lazy - Ann Frank, 1944"

Once While Travelling -
the Loney Planet Story, Tony & Maureen Wheeler
What's truly fascinating is that you can learn about the history of priniting through this book. Some of the interesting facts:
"Since the memory of the IBM Composer was live only as long as the power on, you won't be able to keep a soft copy of the book you wrote. Once you'd output your page of text and started on a new page, the old page was gone. If, later on, you found a spelling mistake, the only way to fix it was to retype the line in question, cut it out and glue it on the old line.

The Composer only handled text up to about 12 point. For bigger text for a chapter heading, you would have it photoset."

Another interesting bit
It was always the guys in the warehouse, not the editor nor the desinger, who picked up spelling mistakes on the cover of the books.

Oh the Glory of it All, Sean Wilsey
I still don't know why I can't remember the title of this book????

The Bookseller of Kabul, Asne Seirstad
"This is how first-year Afahani schoolchildren learn the alphabet: J is for Jihand, our aim in life, I is for Isreal, our enemy, K is for Kalashnikov, we will overcome, M is for Mujahedeen, out heroes, T is for Taliban...

War was the central theme in maths books too. Schoolboys did not calculate in apples and cakes, but in bullets and Kalashnikovs. Something like 'Little Omar has a Kalashnikov with three magazines. There are 20 bullets in each magazine. He uses two thirds of the bullets and kills sixty infidles. How many infidles does he kill with each bullet?'"

Saturday, September 01, 2007

verysummer @ IFC