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Thursday, July 13, 2006


Yes Man, Danny Wallace

"My downward spiral, this strange sense of mid-twenties crisis, this happened when I'd lacked direction. It was a shock to the system; a body blow that had really changed things. I did three years of growing up in two weeks. I returned to the world of freelance employment as a radio producer at BBC. I got a mortgage. And a pension. I started to shop at Habitat and IKEA. I experimented with new and exciting pastas. I bought a colander, and some air freshener, and a fountain pen. I even bought a plant. But soon without my knowing, I became the man who could spot an invitation coming a mile off and head it off at the pass. The man who'd send an email instead of attend a birthday. Who'd text instead of call, and call instead of visit. I became the man who'd whitelie. The man who always say no."

For some reason or no reason, we get lost. We may stay there for a while or quite a while. We may do something or nothing. Sometimes we think it's meant to be, sometimes it's our call to make a turn. Danny Wallace chooses to "Say Yes". You never know the butterfly effect this simple world can bring. Maybe we just need a change, however big or small. Maybe you will smile again when u take a good look at the blue blue sky.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

a bit of everything

a black coffee, yummy breakfast, a cup of tea

got a package from the RMM people

"RMM is a concept based publication of free-flow content covering details in living and creation process of creators."

"Some kind of Wonderful" by Kapok

Kapok is a design and music store. It showcases brands that combine craftsmanship and creativity.

a 3-leg coffee table + a broken mug