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Saturday, February 25, 2006

things to do

I didn't make any resolution this year. I decided to keep a things-to-do list instead.

1. remember to lock the door before going out and take keys back before getting in (have to stop getting warning letters about home safety)
2. make a nice grocery bag and use it
3. cook at least once a week
4. jogging (stopped for almost a year because of thigh pain. should try to get back on track this year)
5. practice piano 30mins a day
6. a trip to Taman Negara
7. annual dental check
8. stop being addicted to coffee and keep being addicted to design
9. learn JSP
10. learn how to lead sunday school
11. a trip to TATE
12. Micah 6:6-8

Sunday, February 19, 2006

just right

Water called and we chatted a bit. She asked about my blog. This is why I am here writing.

Well, let’s start from this morning. It’s my turn to do welcoming at church today, which means handing hymn books and service sheets to people coming to the service. By the time the service began, there’s only one set of material left for me, not one more, not one less. People always say God is in every detail. It’s true, I think.

The weather was perfect for a walk. So I grabbed my cap and ipod, and headed to the reservoir. I like going there, especially on special occasions like Christmas and New Year. It’s fun to say greetings to others with a crazily big smile.

Went to the action+reaction exhibition, a graduation show of Hong Kong Art School, the other day. Beggar + Limited is my favorite. I like its sense of humor. If I had to do a graduation project, I think I will definitely do some far-out things, what about a branding campaign for potatoes?

Iris Murdoch As I knew Her by A.N. Wilson. Hmmm…???!!!!
The curious incident of the dog in the night-time by Mark Haddon. I am not sure about the twist but I like how Mark Haddon wrote from a perspective of an autistic child, chapters are in prime numbers, lots of drawings and diagrams to illustrate ideas.
Adventure Capitalist by Jim Rogers. I like it a lot. It’s not just a travel log. It tells you so much about our world. Here are some interesting facts:
"Everybody in Mongolia has a digital cell phone. The nation’s nomads, crossing the country on horseback, carry them. There is a cell phone in most yurts."
"Over half the population of Iceland is under thirty years old. Iceland, demographically, is the fourth youngest country in the world. Once a Danish colony, it is still mandatory for all schoolchildren there to study Danish as a second language. There are maybe just seven million people on earth who speak Danish in today’s world." What’s the point of forcing kids to learn it?
"At Cornwall, the last person who speak Cornish died 50 years ago."
"There were queues everywhere in Russia, and they were endless. Chernobyl volunteers, who had rushed into Chernobyl to help out when the nuclear plant there blew up, are given an identification card entitling them to walk to the front of every queue."

Friday, February 03, 2006

Nice Try!

From the exhibition Optical Illusion, an attempt to reconstruct illusive drawings of M.C. Escher by Lego bricks turned out to be impossible. Nice try, though!