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Saturday, December 31, 2005

2005, farewell

In 2005, I like...

1. cristal designed by Marcel Wanders
2. chandelier designed by Courtney Skott
3. Natalie Imbruglia's counting down the days album
4. Danial Powter's bad day MV
5. blink by Malcolm Gladwell. just luff his writings more and more.
6. speech of Steve Job at Stanford
7. inspiritional article, usability experts are from Mars, graphic designers are from Venus, by Curt Cloninger
8. renewed id of bahamas + website
9. ecuador + yogurt at the tree house of Bellavista
10. batman begins directed by Christopher Nolan. it proves creativity has no limit.

All in all 2005 is a good year. Nightmare is over. I feel really blessed.
My dearest dad+mom+sis+bbhh+brother+n+w, luff u all.

So, bye bye 2005. Hola 2006. Hope u all a very healthy and crazily happy new year! Alleluia, YAY!!!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry X'Mas

Friday, December 16, 2005

I will have hope

2005 is coming to an end. I've made five resolutions when I started this blog at the beginning of the year. I've done 3 out of 5. Not too bad, huh!

In the new year's eve of 2004, Brett Yasko and his wife did an installation in Pittsburg. A 27 x 28 feet wall was covered with 2" squares of paper. Different resolutions, like "i'll follow my heart", were printed on the paper. Vistors were invited to pick a resolution. When all resolutions were pulled off, one big resolution was revealed.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Having been away from my blog for almost a month, it's time to catch up.

QUIDAM is surreal. What's it like to be an acrobat?
Tiffany's Christmas window display is stunning!
Boat show at Sai Kung. What a nice freelance job!
Glass is Art Exhibition: L'Anverre Exhibition at the Lee Gardens. I like Belgian waffle more.

A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius: Dave Eggers, a graphic designer, the founder of Might and the editor of McSweeney, is certainly a genius. AHWOSG is his memoir. He lost both his parents to cancer within 5 months. Bearing his pain, he sought humor in saddness. To me, his account of getting the ashes
of his cremated mother is the most memorable and hilarious.

"I open the canister... Inside is a bag of kitty litter, tied at the top... Someone switched the ashes with kitty litter... Where is the ash, the ash like dust?... These are little rocks, pebbles, Grape-Nuts, in white and gray... I put my hand in the bag and grab a handful and it's so light!... I throw... Some spills. I should not spill. It's spilled, right there, by my left foot, about eight particles -- I'm stepping on them!... How expected, asshole! I lean over to pick up the particles but I already have a handful in the other hand and as I crouch down some of the other handful spills on my right side -- Jesus! Jesus Christ! Why can I not do this right?"

Don't miss "Rules and Suggestions for Enjoyment of this Book"

Oh, Play That Thing: A sequel to A Star Called Henery, which I really like. Are all sequels destined to be not good enough? Oh, it can't be written by Roddy Doyle!

Critical Mass: How One Thing Leads to Another: Philip Ball applied the laws of physics to explain human behaviours. I got really lost. I tried to finish it but failed. It's just too hard for me.

With their Backs to the World: Asne Seierstad, the author of "The Bookseller of Kabul", wrote about changes brought by the Serbian civil war through insightful protriat of 13 Serbians, including an elderly farmer, a young priest, a pro-democracy activist, a dodgy entrepreneur, a pop star Rambo Amadeus and an exiled family of Kosovo Serbs. Can the Serbs free themselves from hatred and anger?

Got a message from joey. It reminds me I should update my blog. Thanks joey + nice to meet u!