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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

This Stop is Bangkok

Just returned from a two-day trip to Bangkok with my big sister. We made a pact that we would have a great time. Well, we did laugh like kids, swim like fishes and eat like pigs.

We caught the 10:30 pm flight on Friday evening. The plane was delayed a bit. Sitting next to us was a nosy middle east businessman who suggested to travel with us. I had the most bizarre vegetarian meal. I tried the salad... spit. My sister tried my dessert... spit. By the time we arrived at the hotel, it was already half one in the morning. We stayed at the Mandarian Oriental. Don't be mistaken "We are fans". It's just because my sister can get a staff rate.

We headed to the Playground in the next morning. We took the shuttle boat from the hotel to the BTS. Then we got a bit lost. 2cm on the map turned out to be a 20-minute walk. We cooled ourselves by a guava juice. The design of the Soontra juice stand is fresh and cool as the juice.

Playground, the inspiration shop, is kind of hip. What you see on the ground floor won't prepare what you get on the upper two levels. The black staircases will lead you to a sea of colorful giant bean bags on the second level. Some gals were having a cooking course at Kuppa restaurant on the third level. On the day we visited xcursionist, a visual communication arts exhibition, was closed. Our Playground experience was ended by taking photos at the loo.