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Saturday, September 03, 2005


I should write about the new Tim Burton's film, weekend at Stanley with my best friends and the book I've recently finished at the beginning of the week. Work is a bit crazy. Finally, I can get away from it for a moment.

I have a good laugh watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It's kind of interesting. Some of the scenes remind me Jean-Pierre Jeunet's moives. I think it's the idiosyncratic things. My favourite books wriiten by Roald Dahl are Esio Trot and Revolting Recipes. Roald's book will be so different without the illustrations of Quentin Blake. They are just perfect match.

Wandered around Stanley with N n W last Saturday. There was a guy handing out his name cards to everyone. It is a plain white card with an url www.gmtee.com on it. He's clever, I think. It's loud and clear. The message gets across. Flyers with loads of words and pictures are too confusing. People just don't look at them.

Long Way Round is a travelogue of Ewan McGreor and Charley Boorman. Riding BMW motorcycles, they drove all the way from London to New York. One thing I can really associate with is being cynical about strangers' hospitality. Ewan wrote, "Maybe living in a big city London had made me inherently wary of strangers." People can just be kind for no reason. When does it become too good to belive?

Roald Dahl said, "Kindness, that simple word. To be kind - It covers everything to my mind. If you are kind that's it." I really like it.