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Monday, September 26, 2005

Have a break!

Sometimes I feel a week is as short as a day. It's like I get up on Monday morning. By the time I go to bed, it's Sunday night.

I decided to have a break this weekend. I have been working hard. One of the projects I am working on is a charity event. 1 million US can restore sight to 56,000 people, wow! maybe there's always something we can do to make a little difference. my brother has a student who makes trouble at class all the time. Punishment means nothing to him. Most teachers have given up on him. Then my brother learnt that he is from a problem family. No one knows where his dad is. His mother left him a long time ago. He is now staying with his step brothers, who don't really care about him. My brother knows he loves playing basketball. So he makes a deal with him. In exchange for his attention at class, my brother promises to play basketball with him before class. It turns out the boy is extremely clever and creative. I really admire what my brother did. He is making a difference every day.

My sister and my brother picked me up from work last Saturday. It's a really nice surprise. We went to the new Harvey Nichols shop. It is smaller then we expect. I wonder if we will get a Christmas hamper from Harvey Nichols again this year. I just love their afternoon tea and oatmeal biscuits.

Michael Moore wrote a letter to Bush. It keeps me giggling. Finished A Hundred and One Days. Asne Seierstad is a Norwegian journalist. She explores how Iraqi kids cope with the war. She gives a genuine account of her fear and struggle during the war. Her writing is lyrical:

"The future, freedom, democracy that just lies, Amir said.
The future, freedom, democracy we can build that, Abbas argued."

verylittle Project 0004: Another bracelet. It's for my sister.

They killed iPod nano.