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Wednesday, March 15, 2006


On my way home tonite, something strange happened. I walked by the bushes and heard some noises. A little tabby came out from it and stopped in front of me. Then he started saying "mieow_ mieow mieow_ mieow_ mieow mieow mieow" I wondered if he wanted to say:

A. "will u bring me home?";
B. "hey your baguette smells nice. Are u going to make salmon sandwich? May I have some?";
C. "go away or I'll…" or
D. nothing but a mieow

Every once in a while, the idea of adopting a cat will pop up in my mind. I think it is kind of nice when I open the door, a cat runs to me and welcomes me home. At dinner time, other than sharing water with the cactus, I don't mind sharing my cheese sandwich with this little kitten. But, given my history of failing to raise 3 pet tortoises, may be it's not a good idea afterall.

Had a 3-hour long meeting today. It's time to shut down the computer, as well as my mind.