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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Boy-girl thing of coffee

My boss bought me a pack of JABLUM blue mountain coffee beans.

Read an article about the boy-girl thing of coffee the other day. "Espresso is macho; cappuccino is feminine. Men who can't drink a double expresso after four because they can't get to sleep are gay. Women who drink double expresson are trying to say I am really, really hard." Interesting!

Paul Reiser has funny insight about coffee too. "That's what great about coffee. It's the only meal for which the name of the food is also the official name of the event. "Coffee." "We'll get together for Coffee." We know what we're doing, and we know what we'll be having: coffee. Makes it simple when you get there. "Do you want to look at a menu?" "No, I already know: coffee. That's why we got together. We got together for - coffee. That's why we discussed, that's what I'll be having. It's the only food that has that advantage. You never say, "Let's get together for lamb." "I'm in town, let's get together for Fresca." "Whattya say? Grapes for everyone." You never hear that. It's just not the same draw as Coffee."